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A Cooks Waltz

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Youth Choir – Africa

Hi everyone in Youth Choir,

We hope you and your families are well. We’re really missing our rehearsals at music centre but we have been offered an exciting opportunity to keep singing together!

Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership have invited us to take part in their virtual choir. As you will remember we rehearsed Africa and performed it at The Riverside Centre in Derby as part of the Music Partnership concert.  This is the piece we are going to perform as a choir…..virtually!  It doesn’t matter whether you made it to perform in the concert or not, you are all welcome to take part as we all learnt it.

Below are the details from the Music Partnership. All the rehearsal tracks and information of how to take part are included in the information below. Remember that when you record you will feel like you are singing a solo but when it is all edited together the choir sound will appear and you will blend in with everyone else.

Derby and Derbyshire Music Partnership Virtual Choir Information

Our aim is to create a Virtual Choir performance of “Africa”.  Singers will record their individual part in the form of a video and these will be drawn together to create a virtual performance. There is no cost to take part and the finished product will be shared on the Music Partnership Facebook page, which you’ll be able to share on any of your own social media platforms.

Singers will only need a phone to video themselves on, headphones and a device such as a laptop to play their backing track.

All the resources you need are on a closed page of our Hub website, including:

  •          Welcome video
  •          Instructions on how to record their video
  •          Backing tracks for each vocal part
  •          Instructions on how to upload their video.

This is the link to the closed page which you’ll need to copy into your web browser.  Most browsers seem to work well with this link, but sometimes Internet Explorer doesn’t allow the videos to open full screen. If this is the case, try using a different browser, for example Google Chrome.

The deadline for sending in completed videos is Friday 22nd May. 

Safeguarding notes:

Now that we are spending so much time making and sharing music online, Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership have given due consideration to safeguarding issues. In the case of this project, these are as outlined below:

  •          Families will be notified of the project by their own music centre via an email to parents (blind copied so no addresses shared).
  •          Parents/players do not need social media to be involved.
  •          All instructions will be available through an email link to families; there is no one-to-one online teaching.
  •          Students will participate by sending their videos to The videos will be uploaded by Music Partnership personnel and stored on Derbyshire County Council’s secure server. 
  •          By sending a video, parent and child are consenting to it being used in the final piece and shared on the Music Partnership Facebook page, from where it can be shared. 
  •          The original videos will not be shared beyond the Music Education Hub personnel involved in this project. Individual videos will only be used as content to build up a collage of videos to accompany the final video. Once the final product is assembled all individual video submissions will be deleted.
    Any problem please let us know.  Remember: you’ll get all the information from  Towards the end of May we will let you know the details of our own SDMC Youth Choir virtual choir project which is really exciting.
    Please take this opportunity to keep singing!!

Stay safe and take care,
Sara and Nick