On line -Tuition

Message to all SDMC Players

I know that a number of families are now enquiring about on-line lessons during the time that school and music centre is closed.

It’s really important that you continue to make progress on your instrument, and ideally – if you use this time well – that you make considerable improvement. This is perfectly possible for every single player in our music centre, but it does depend on your being determined to set aside time to play your instrument, ideally most days; you’ve certainly lots of time to spare at the moment!

The following is a list of our tutors in music centre who are very willing to give you on-line lessons, either regularly or occasionally, if you’re not able to access lessons from your usual teacher. They can also support you with your theory work.

Contact details are:

Matt Pope (Brass): matt@mattpope.org

Samantha Pope: (Brass & Theory): samantha.pope@sky.com

Peter Glenville: (Clarinet & Theory): petergclarinet@googlemail.com

Clair Mott: (Flute, Saxophone & Theory): clair_bear12@hotmail.com

Nick Parrans-Smith (Brass): nick@parrans-smith.com

Becca Pope: (Brass + some woodwind): becca@beccapope.co.uk

I would encourage you now to think about how you’re going to use this time to become a better player. Use the enormous skills which are available from our teachers. They will be pleased to hear from you, and having on-line lessons will give you something to focus on during this enforced time at home.

Finally, at any time, please let me know if you need any further help.

Stay safe, and look after each other.

Philip King, (Head of Centre)