Music Centre Subscriptions

SDMC is self-financed through pupils’ subscriptions, grants and donations.

From September 2019, the trustees have agreed that there will be an increase in subs in order to maintain the financial viability of the Centre.  We’ve spoken to a number of parents about ‘value for money’ from the Centre, and the overwhelming feedback is that compared with other out-of-school activities, we do provide very good value.

We’re proud that we have an excellent team of committed teachers who strive to give each child and young person the best music experiences possible in the area.  In addition there are always staff on hand to help individuals where necessary

From September: 2019, the subscriptions will be:
£3.50 per week for all choirs and bands who rehearse on Tuesday evenings. 
£4.50 per week for bands which rehearse on Friday evenings and Swing Band.  

There is no additional charge for young people who take part in more than one ensemble or attend both Tuesday and Friday activities. If you only attend Percussion Ensemble or Swing Band subs are per session.

Please speak in confidence with our Centre Coordinator if this increase presents a difficulty for your family.