Club Band – Practice Files

Club Band ….   Practice files 

To play or download mp3 files to your own computer or device:

L Click the play button on file player to play it or

R Click and use Save link as … or Save target as …  Save Audio as…    to download.

If you play a piece, closing any new window in your browser returns you to this page.

In the mp3 files you will hear your part sung louder than the others and it is best listened to with the printed score in front of you, although some singers do learn their notes before they learn the words.

Don’t forget to print off all the parts you need and bring them with you to your music session

March – Zip a Dee Doo Dah

click here for music

click here for click track

Defying Gravity

Click here for music

Click here for backing track

Let Me Entertain You

Past Times with Good Company

Past Times with Good Company – Backing Track

La Mourisque

La Mourisque – Backing track