The Music Team is really pleased with the commitment of so many of our young players and singers as you continue to take part in the weekly Zoom sessions.  We know that it’s not the same as being able to meet together face-to-face, and we also realize that having a band or choir session on-line is not something everyone wants to take part in.  We’re all longing for the time when we can meet safely together to play and sing, and also to perform to families and friends.

At their meeting in April, the trustees decided that we should continue with the online sessions this term, but – depending on guidance from the government – this would be reviewed at half-term.

It may be possible to meet in smaller groups later in the term, either inside or outside.  We’ll definitely keep you informed!

Meanwhile, whether or not you’re taking part in the current sessions, we’d encourage you to play your instrument or to sing as much as you can at home and to continue to have lessons with your instrumental teacher

to set yourself some small targets for improvement each week, such as the number of times or the length of time you practise; perfecting a new scale; playing a short extract from memory; recording your playing/singing and noting down some points where it could be better, etc.

The Family Brass Band have recently recorded a piece for the Whit Friday Foden’s (virtual) Competition.  Many of the players had never recorded a piece at home by themselves twelve months ago, but over this period of lockdowns, they’ve learned this new skill.

Singers from the Youth Choir have been invited to take part in an exciting new project: the creation of the Derbyshire Youth Choir (more details on the Derbyshire Music Hub website).

We’re all looking forward to a lovely summer when – fingers crossed – we can meet together to create some wonderful music!

Music Centre Summer Term

Session Times – (Click the group names to access rehearsal files)


6.30pm – Carrick Winds


5.30pm – Junior Voices
6.00pm – Family Brass Band
6.05pm – Junior Band
6.10pm – Club Band
6.40pm – Youth Choir


6.30pm – Senior and Intermediate Combined Band

If you joined us last term, you will be automatically sent the Zoom links. If you didn’t join us last term, why not give it a go and email Helen ( to register for the Zoom link?

On behalf of all the SDMC Music Team, all good wishes for a lovely summer term.

Philip King   Head of Music Centre  

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