Some Music Challenges

In order to encourage all our SDMC players (of whatever level), we will award you £1 each time you send in a very short video clip of Challenge 3. The money will be credited to your name and you’ll be able to receive the money when music centre resumes. Since this is not likely to be for a few weeks, you have the opportunity of increasing your pocket money as well as improving your playing. There will be an additional bonus for players who do this every week.

Challenge 1

Learning or improving a new scale.

If you haven’t got a tutor book with scales, you can find which scales you should be learning at your level by going to the ABRSM website. Look for exam syllabus for your instrument and the scales will be listed.

You can google the correct notes for any scale, and you’ll need to set up a metronome on your phone.

  • Write out your chosen scale on a stave with the correct clef and key signature.
  • Set the metronome to crotchet beat = 60
  • Learn the first three notes, then the first five notes, then all the notes, each time playing two steady beats on each note.
  • After a couple of days, try to play the scale from memory (both up and down)
  • Increase the speed.

Challenge 2

Similar to last week, choose one of your current pieces and find four bars or a phrase which you always seem to find quite difficult. Now follow these few steps and see how much you improve!

  • Slowly and carefully, make sure you understand the rhythm (say it and clap it)
  • Check that you know the fingering for each of the notes
  • Slowly play the first two bars; then play these bars five times
  • Now do the same with bars three & four.
  • Play the whole section slowly and carefully five times
  • Now try and increase the speed a little bit at a time
  • Now play the whole section as well as you can.

Challenge 3

Select a short piece from your current music (or a new piece). Rehearse this thoroughly.

Sunday 19th April

Perform this piece by video to a grandparent or relative who might not have much social contact.

Send the piece (or a short extract) to Helen (coordsdmc@hotmail.co.uk) and she will forward it to one of the music team who will be in touch with some helpful comments on your playing.

In addition, you will ‘bank’ £1. Remember, each week you send us a clip of your playing, you are credited with £1. You can receive the total amount in your name when music centre resumes.