WEEK Three

Some Music Challenges

Week 3 – Some Music Challenges

Well done to all those who have started to send us short video clips of your playing. We’re really enjoying hearing them! You’ve also started to build up some additional pocket money (Helen is keeping a strict record so that you’ll have the money when music centre resumes).

Remember, in order to encourage all our SDMC players and singers (of whatever level), we will award you £1 each time you send in a very short video clip of your playing or singing. Since this is not likely to be for a few weeks, you have the opportunity of increasing your pocket money as well as improving your playing. There will be an additional bonus for players who do this every week.

This week, you’ll need to scroll down or click onto the link where indicated.

Challenge 1

Music Sudoku There are three different levels with this game. Everyone should be able to tackle the Beginner level puzzle, and we think many will be able to do the one at Intermediate Level. The top Challenge is to do the Hard Level!

Challenge 2

Playing for the NHS Attached are various arrangements of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Most players in the Junior Band and all players in the IWB and SWB will be able to find a version which you can play.

  • Go to this link: https://janesalmon.info/2020/04/07/nhsrainbow/
  • Scroll down to Brass in Bb (treble clef)
  • Most of you should be able to play the version in C major (including woodwind players)
  • You can of course look for a version which you find easier.

The Challenge is to practise this and to play it outside on Thursday at 8pm.

Challenge 3

For members of Junior Band: Play along with either (or both) of the following pieces which you’ve been practising last term in music centre:

Highlights from Jungle Book – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfOZrZqjEKk

Nearer to my God –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=VBpcYgK2bGs&feature=emb_logo

For members of Intermediate and Senior Wind Bands

Selection from Wicked (1st Part)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=17&v=rKOkJqUWnPM&feature=emb_logo

For everyone (including CLUB BAND!): Send any piece or a short extract (no longer than 30 seconds or so) to Helen (coordsdmc@hotmail.co.uk) and she will forward it to one of the music team who will be in touch with some helpful comments on your playing.

In addition, you will ‘bank’ £1. Remember, each week you send us a clip of your playing, you are credited with £1. You can receive the total amount in your name when music centre resumes.