WEEK Seven

This week we have just ONE Challenge for you. Everyone could achieve it – will you?

We’ve chosen it because it’s the one main thing which will make you a better player.

  • Think back to last Monday, and make a note of how much time you spent playing your instrument. (Include noting the days when you didn’t play). Be honest!
  • Starting today, and then each day until next Sunday:
  • Make a note of how much time you spend playing your instrument, but this time, try to double the amount of time: this is the Challenge.

(It may be of interest for you to know that in the last three days I’ve heard of one person who is managing to play just once a week, and another who is playing every day for 1 hour or more. You’ll no doubt be somewhere in the middle – but if you do increase the amount of playing time, you’ll obviously become a better player. Send us a recording of your playing next weekend, and Helen will bank £1 for you as usual).