Some Music Challenges

Day 1

Choose any scale (or the first five notes of a scale). Play these notes in the following ways, ascending (up) and descending (down)

  • 3 steady beats on each note
  • Start very quietly and gradually get louder until the highest note (2 beats on each note)
  • Now start loudly and gradually get quieter until the highest note (3 beats on each note)
  • Increase the Challenge playing all the above on a different scale (and for the more-experienced players, in a minor key).

Day 2

Choose one of your current pieces and find four bars or a phrase which you always seem to find quite difficult.

  • Slowly and carefully, make sure you understand the rhythm (say it and clap it)
  • Check that you know the fingering for each of the notes
  • Slowly play the first two bars; then play these bars five times
  • Now do the same with bars three & four.
  • Play the whole section slowly and carefully five times
  • Now try and increase the speed a little bit at a time
  • Now play the whole section as well as you can.

Day 3

Select a short piece from your current music (or a new piece) for a performance by video.
Rehearse this thoroughly.

Easter Day

Perform this piece by video to a grandparent or relative who might not have much social contact.

(If you can, send us a clip of this to Helen Smith our Centre co-ordinator (My SDMC Easter Clip) – coordsdmc@hotmail.co.uk)