Virtual Meetings Policy and Protocols

South Derbyshire Music Trust

Virtual Meetings Policy and Protocols

The safety and wellbeing of staff, parent helpers and music centre members is of paramount importance to South Derbyshire Music Trust

It is therefore essential that we all adhere to the following:

  1. The parent/carer should, if possible, log on to the zoom session 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the session. This will ensure that all participants are allocated to their breakout room in time for the session to make a prompt start.  If a child is attending more than one zoom session, they should stay in the first one and they will automatically be transferred to the next one.
  2. The zoom session must be started with/by the parent/carer or a designated responsible adult and should be ended by them. 
  3. The responsible adult is present throughout to supervise the child; if not in the room, then able to view the room through an open door. 
  4. The usual music centre standard of behaviour is expected from all participants.
  5. Zoom sessions must take place in a suitable area of the home in a shared space (e.g. kitchen, sitting room) and not in a private space (i.e. a bedroom) with the door open throughout and, ideally, with no personal items visible in the background
  6. Ensure all distractions and disturbances are minimised
  7. Appropriate clothing must be worn (e.g. as would be worn at music centre, school, or equivalent).
  8. The Ensemble Director and/or parent helper may choose to wear headphones, for clarification, but the pupil cannot wear headphones as the zoom session must be audible to the responsible adult.
  9.  Staff will be the last one to leave the meeting and a member of staff or parent helper will not be on their own in a breakout room with a child.
  10. Zoom sessions must not be recorded by the parent/pupils and will not be recorded by the Ensemble Director, without 48 hours prior notice. If you do not wish you child to be recorded please let us know within 24 hours of the session.

If a parent/carer has any concerns,
please contact our Coordinator