We would again encourage families (including grandparents) to offer as birthday or Christmas presents, monies for music lessons, exams or music centre subs. This is an ideal (and useful) way where grandparents or aunts/uncles can support their family – and also have enjoyment at hearing the outcomes!

Auditions: These are for anyone who wishes to move from one group to the next
(see the Progression Chart in the Notebook). For woodwind and brass players,
it’s possible to play a first part in one band, and also a second or third part in a
band which is of a higher level.

As a rough guide:  Club Band is for those who are in the very early stages of learning flute, clarinet or brass instruments. Players need to be able to play three notes before joining. Junior Band is for players who perhaps have been playing flute, clarinet or brass instruments for about a year. Standard of playing is approximately Grade 1-3. Players in Intermediate Wind Band  are approximately Grade 3/5 and Senior Wind Band Grade 5 and above.  For your audition, we ask you to choose one of your pieces which shows the progress you’ve made; we will also ask you to play a short piece at sight.  Please be sure to tell us in the first week of any new term if you’d like to be considered for moving up.


Ensemble Days And Times  – all sessions at The William Allitt School

  •  Club Band: Tuesday 6pm – 7pm
  • Junior Band: Tuesday 6pm – 7pm
  • Family Brass Band: Tuesday 5.45pm – 6.45pm
  • Junior Voices (Years 1 to 5 inc): Tuesday 5-30pm – 6.25pm
  • Youth Choir (Year 6 and above): Tuesday 6-30pm – 7-30pm
  • pBuzz 2: Tuesday  6.15 to 6.55pm
  • Intermediate and Senior Wind Bands:  Friday 6pm – 8pm
  • Swing Band: Monthly on Saturday mornings 10am – 12 noon at the Forest School, Moira
  • Cantabile (Adult Choir): Tuesday 7-30pm – 9-20pm


SDMC Concert Uniform

Full and prescribed uniform should be worn at each concert. Players and singers are ‘on show’ and therefore representing the Music Centre from the moment they enter a concert venue until they leave. The uniform should be worn correctly (shirts properly tucked in, ties tied correctly, top shirt button fastened etc.).

Club Band and pBuzz groups: Your normal School Uniform

Junior, Intermediate, Senior Bands and Youth Choir: Boys’ Uniform

Long-sleeve white school-type shirt; Black trousers; Music Centre tie; Black socks; Clean black shoes (not trainers)

 Junior, Intermediate, Senior Bands and Youth Choir: Girls’ Uniform

Long-sleeve white school-type shirt (which allows a tie to be tied properly); Plain black skirt (below the knee) and black tights OR Black trousers (not skin tight) and black socks; Music Centre tie; Clean black shoes (not trainers or high heels)       No jewellery

Junior Voices:

Red T-Shirts (loaned at no cost); Black skirt/trousers etc as above; Clean black shoes (not trainers)

Music Centre ties can be brought from the admin desk on Music Centre evening at a cost of £6.00.

Please note: Uniform will be checked before players go on stage, and the Centre reserves the right to withdraw a player or singer if the prescribed uniform is not worn correctly.


Did you know we have a small shop at Music Centre? We have reeds for woodwind instruments, various oils & creams for brass instruments, cleaning brushes, music bags. Have you seen our new SDMC hoodies and polo shirts? We have a few in stock or can take an order for you. Please ask for more details.


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SDMC Questionnaires – Spring 2018

The link below will open a pdf file on a new page showing the outcomes of the Parent and Student questionnaires.

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Parent and Student Questionnaire Outcomes – Spring 2018

SDMC Handbook

You can view a pdf version of the current SDMC Handbook by clicking HERE.

SDMC Trustees 2018-2019

  1. Simon Thomas (Chair)
  2. Lesley Holt (Vice Chair)
  3. Alan Fairbrother
  4. Wendy Connor
  5. Roy Dolan
  6. Christine Spare
  7. Steph Young
  8. Vacancy – South Derbyshire District Council Representative

Associate Trustees:  Alison Smith,  Clare Pope, Steve Powlson

SDMC – Gift Aid

HMRC has accepted our application for recognition as a charity for tax purposes, and everyone who is a tax payer is invited to take part in the Gift Aid scheme. Please speak with Helen Smith or Lesley Holt if you have any queries.