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Rescheduled music centre timetable from September 2017

In order to provide better opportunities for our players and singers, we are rescheduling our music centre timetable from the beginning of the autumn term.   This will make it easier for players and singers to move from one group to the next as they progress.

The activities and days are listed below, but the key points are:

  • Tuesday evenings will be for our Clubs (as before); for a new Brass Band (for all brass players who are approximately Grade 3 or above); and for all our various choirs.
  • John Port Satellite players have become so proficient that the majority are now ready for the next level of band.  This group will not therefore operate from September.
  • Friday evenings will be for our two new bands plus the Swing Band.
  • Any players, singers or parents/carers who have queries are invited to email Helen (coordinator) who will be able to help.

Tuesdays:  Junior Voices   5-45pm – 6-30pm                                                                                                                          Flute, Clarinet & Brass Clubs; Strings; Brass Band     6pm – 7pm                                                          Youth Choir     6-30pm – 7-30pm                                                                                                                            Sing Out Community Choir    7-30pm – 9-15pm                                                                                             Cantabile (adult choir)   7-30pm – 9-20pm

Fridays:   (Two new bands to be formed from the existing Junior Wind Band, John Port Satellite, Intermediate Wind Band and Concert Band; also slightly different times)                                      BAND 1  – Last term’s JWB, JPS, plus some Club members  6pm – 8pm                                            BAND 2  – Last term’s IWB & Concert Band members   6pm – 8pm                                    (There may be a few IWB members who will be asked to support BAND 1 for a term).                               SWING BAND – 8-15pm – 9pm

Sing Out 15:  Our next Sing Out project will again be led by Richard Jeffries.  These community singing sessions are for anyone, so we hope to see YOU on Tuesday evenings (26 September; 3, 10 & 17 October), culminating in an informal concert on Friday 20 October.

Start Dates for the Autumn Term:

Friday 8 September – Wind Bands and Swing Band

Tuesday 12 September – Clubs, Strings, Brass Ensemble, Junior Voices, Youth Choir                             SEE OUR EVENTS PAGE FOR ALL DIARY DATES THIS TERM



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