JV Week One

It would be great if you could look at this. You all know how mixed up I get with my hand signs when we do pieces like this so I challenge you to add the hand signs once you are familiar with the tune. I too will practise the hand signs and be as good as you when we meet again….or will I??!

There is one hand sign in this piece which we haven’t done in our warm ups? Can you find which one it is and find out what hand position you would need to do?

The song starts off all together but then splits into 2 parts. If you sang the ahhs in Best that you can be or the harmony part in There’s a power in the music, would you learn part 2 please.

Those of you who sang the tune in these pieces can look at part 1. If you have forgotten which part you sang don’t worry: just pick a part to learn.

If you have siblings in the choir, you could learn a part each and then sing it together.

Take careand keep singing!


Click this link for the singing tracks