About Us

The South Derbyshire Music Centre is a registered charity (No 1008568). Its purpose is to support and promote ensemble music-making for young people in the area.

We provide opportunities for players and singers to make music together in a friendly, purposeful atmosphere.

The Centre has a team of qualified music teachers, most of whom are accredited to the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership. All teachers have a DBS check.

SDMC is self-financed through pupils’ subscriptions, grants and donations. Details of our subscriptions can be found in our Information Section. Children can attend as many ensembles as they like during each week as guided by their teacher. We also offer financial support for those families who may have difficulty in paying their subscription. If you are interested in finding out more, speak with your child’s instrumental teacher, or contact our Centre Coordinator; Helen Smith who will arrange for you to visit our Centre.

Our Groups

PBuzz – Tuesday evenings – 5-30pm (Project 1) and 6.00pm (Project 2)
The pBuzz gives young children an introduction to playing a musical instrument. Project 1 lasts for eight sessions, and after a brief assessment, children move onto Project 2 where they eventually progress to learning a ptrumpet or mini pBone. Please see our Information pages for more details on pBuzz.

Club Band – Tuesday evenings – 6.00pm – 7.00pm
The Club Band is for those who are in the very early stages of learning the flute, clarinet or brass instruments. Players need to be able to play three or four notes before joining.The group meets on Tuesdays.

Junior Band – Tuesday evenings – 6.00pm – 7.00pm
The Junior Band is for players who perhaps have been playing flute, clarinet or brass instruments for about a year. The standard of playing is usually Grade 1-3. The group meets on Tuesdays.

Family Brass Band – Tuesdays evenings – 5.45pm – 6.45pm
Brass players of approximately Grade 4+ meet on Tuesdays. A number of the players are members of the same family – hence the name! However, brass players of all ages are welcome.

Intermediate Wind Band – Friday evenings – 6.00pm – 8.00pm
This group caters for players approximately at Grade 3-4 level. There are opportunities for sectional rehearsals and from time-to-time joining with the Senior Wind Band. The group meets on Fridays.

Senior Wind Band – Friday evenings – 6.00pm – 8.00pm
The Senior Wind Band are for those players who have achieved Grade 5+. There are opportunities for sectional rehearsals. From time-to-time guest conductors areinvited to work with the band. The group meets on Fridays.

Swing Band – Once a month – Saturday mornings – Chesnut Forest School Moira – 10.00am – 12.00
The Swing Band is for those who have achieved approximately Grade 5 standard. The band meets once a month on Saturdays 10am-12.00 at Chesnut Forest School Moira.

String playing Opportunities
Our Music centre works closely with Derby Music centre where they provide a full range of ensembles for string players, from beginner-level to senior orchestra. Derby Music Centre is based at St Benedicts School, Darley Abbey (www.derbymusiccentre.com)

Junior Voices – Tuesdays evenings – 5.30pm – 6.25pm
This group of singers is for children in Y1-Y5. They are taught a range of muisc and are introduced to part-singing. The children are encouraged to use good diction and tone, and to develop their vocal range and musicianship.

Youth Choir – Tuesdays evenings – 6.30pm – 7.30pm
The Youth Choir meet on Tuesday evenings. and is for singers in Y6-Y8. Singers learn a wide range of music and sing in up to four parts.

Cantabile Choir – Tuesdays evenings – 7.30pm – 9.20pm
This well established mixed-voice chamber choir currenlty has 38 members who meet on Tuesdays evenings. The choir has a varied repertoire ranging from the standard choral classics through to lighter, close-harmony pieces. Further information can be found on the choirs website – see the link above.

Sing Out! Community Choir Projects – Tuesdays evenings – 7-30pm – 9-15pm
The music centre organises short (four-week) projects each term, plus a Christmas Community Choir. Sing Out! projects are open to absolutely everyone: those who have some experience of singing in a group, and those who have none; those who can ‘sing in tune’ and those who haven’t yet ‘found their voice’ … and they’re for anyone aged between 14 and 80!.

If you want to know more-detailed information about our music centre’s policies etc, please view our current Policies and Procedures Handbook in our Information section