A Cook’s Waltz

The Challenges for after half-term and following week are very different from what you’ve had before.

They’re for ALL PLAYERS and SINGERS – have a go and enjoy yourself!


They’re PERCUSSION CHALLENGES, specially written for us by Andres, SDMC’s Percussion Teacher. Here’s our suggestion how you might start:

  • Everyone listen to the first clip below. Andres demonstrates various rhythms on a range of kitchen utensils (voice 1, voice 2, etc)
  • Choose one line; practise the rhythmic phrase; then play along with the video clip.
  • Try some of the suggestions at the end of video.
  • Record what you’ve done and send it to us for your £1.
Clip One
Cooks Waltz – Audio Track

We’d like as many as possible to have a go at Cook’s Waltz.

Start by watching the short video which Andres has made for us.

Now here are 10 Steps to getting the best video of your performance.

  1. Pick your part (voice).
  2. Select your ‘instrument’ (from whatever you have in the kitchen).
  3. Get used to how it makes a sound.  Does it make different sounds if hit in a different way or place? Does it need to be shaken in a certain way?
  4. Watch the video demonstrations and play along getting used to your part. Do this as many times as you need. Practice Makes Perfect.
  5. Find a place to do your recording. (Make sure it is not noisy; make sure there is nothing that shouldn’t be there: yesterday’s clothes, little brother etc)
  6. If you can, get someone to record you using a phone camera playing along to the backing track or video.
  7. If you are on your own set your phone to selfie mode, then do a practice run and then record as above.
  8. For best results play along to the backing track or video using another device with headphones on.
  9. If you make a mistake, don’t stop keep going: it is a live video.
  10. Pick your best recording and get your parents to email or WhatsApp Helen.  Then sit back and wait for the full performance to be sent out with you on it!

Remember you will have earned a £1 for being part of this fun project.  For more of a challenge try recording a different part and send it (maximum of five per person!).