Music centre Spring Term starts Tuesday 12th January

Many congratulations to all our young players and singers who took part in the online sessions last term and who submitted clips for the Virtual Christmas Celebration. I realise that for many it was a new experience to make a recording in the kitchen or bedroom and then to send it to us, but the hard work was rewarded as we all saw in the final ‘performance’. We had many emails to say how much the concert had been enjoyed and appreciated!

The Music Team have been busy this week in planning even more exciting activities for this term since we’ll be continuing Tuesday and Friday sessions on line again. For example, there’ll be some sessions where two groups ‘meet’ together occasionally; some instrument-specific sessions for the older players; some sessions where we ‘meet’ with singers or players from other parts of the country (including Cornwall); and a Spring Music Competition which will include opportunities for duets, trios etc. We also want to give some of the older singers and players the chance to stay after their session for 15 minutes or so, if they wish, to chat with their friends in a breakout room (a ‘virtual tuck shop’!). As the term progresses, we’ll give you more information about each of these plans (and more).

Music Centre Spring Term starts Tuesday 12th January.

Session Times – (Click the group names to access rehearsal files)


6.30pm – Carrick Winds


5.30pm – Junior Voices
6.00pm – Family Brass Band
6.05pm – Junior Band
6.10pm – Club Band
6.40pm – Youth Choir


6.30pm – Senior and Intermediate Combined Band

If you joined us last term, you will be automatically sent the Zoom links. If you didn’t join us last term, why not give it a go and email Helen ( to register for the Zoom link? We hope that you’ll join with us in building on the very good achievements of last term.

It would be really helpful if SDMC members could encourage others
who didn’t take part last term to at least
give it a try’!

On behalf of all the SDMC Music Team, we wish you a
Safe and Happy New Year!  


  Please contact Helen directly if you have any questions: