Music at home

Ideas and challenges for all SDMC players

We want you to continue to make progress on your instrument during this unusual time. Although we can’t meet at music centre, there are three main ways in which we can help you at the moment. Each is different and each is important. Together they will really make a difference.

1. Online lessons – Details of how you can have an on-line lesson can be found on the News page of this website. Click here to go there now.

2. SDMC weekly challenges – There will also be a range of activities published on this page each week. Simply click to open the challenges.

3. And lastly, the Derbyshire Music Partnership is publishing a range of general music activities to help broaden your music knowledge.
Click here to visit their site.

SDMC weekly activities and challenges

Click to see the weekly activities and challenges

Some Music Challenges

Day 1

Choose any scale (or the first five notes of a scale). Play these notes in the following ways, ascending (up) and descending (down)

  • 3 steady beats on each note
  • Start very quietly and gradually get louder until the highest note (2 beats on each note)
  • Now start loudly and gradually get quieter until the highest note (3 beats on each note)
  • Increase the Challenge playing all the above on a different scale (and for the more-experienced players, in a minor key).

Day 2

Choose one of your current pieces and find four bars or a phrase which you always seem to find quite difficult.

  • Slowly and carefully, make sure you understand the rhythm (say it and clap it)
  • Check that you know the fingering for each of the notes
  • Slowly play the first two bars; then play these bars five times
  • Now do the same with bars three & four.
  • Play the whole section slowly and carefully five times
  • Now try and increase the speed a little bit at a time
  • Now play the whole section as well as you can.

Day 3

Select a short piece from your current music (or a new piece) for a performance by video.
Rehearse this thoroughly.

Easter Day

Perform this piece by video to a grandparent or relative who might not have much social contact.

(If you can, send us a clip of this to Helen Smith our Centre co-ordinator (My SDMC Easter Clip) –